Large scale micro-CT examination workflows


  • Guiding the user through complex examination steps
  • Mix of interactive and processing tasks
  • Multi-user concurrent access
  • Evaluation workflows of any complexity
  • Scalability: distributed processing and storage
  • Multi-image evaluations and analysis
  • Built in statistical analysis of the produced results
  • Very large image processing and visualization, including simulations
  • Integration of external software: 3rd party, open source, in-house


  • Handling of very large GB and TB scale images
  • Multi VOI analysis
  • Parameter matrix analysis
  • Rendering of high resolution videos (4K and 8K) an posters (10K+)
  • Deep-learning-based segmentation
  • Statistical analysis with any existing or custom Python or R module
  • HPC image segmentation and rendering
  • CFD and FE analysis
  • Custom workflows and tasks

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